A local film collective that I am a member of was looking for a way to streamline their audition process. We often hold a casting call for multiple film projects simultaneously to draw a larger pool of actors to the audition. The number of auditions was becoming overwhelming though - it would take multiple days to be able to see everyone. 
I designed and implemented a new online system for first-round auditions. Prospective actors can now fill out an online form and submit a video of their audition(s) for any upcoming projects. Directors and producers can then use a separate web form to browse the submitted audition videos for their respective projects. They can also search the database with various filters for other actors who might not have auditioned for a particular part, but still fit the role they are looking for.
If a director or producer finds an actor they like, they can contact the actor for a callback audition in person. 
The system was implemented using Wix's Corvid platform.